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The world is becoming digitally globalized and business opportunities are becoming groundbreaking. Nigeria is not left out and women and men are making history in the business world today. If you reading this article and you want to start a new business. Maybe you want to start a small income base business for yourself to keep body and soul together or you are actually fad up with trying to find a new job which is not easy to find or you are fed up with going to work every day and you want to become your own boss. The only thing i want you to know is that YES YOU CAN DO IT.

Research has proved that financial meltdown and economic crisis is the best time to start and build a new business. This is because startup moves into the economy with passion, innovation and a mindset to solve problems. In United States of America, startup businesses are America’s greatest employers. The businesses that started small but have eventually become very big such as apple, Google, facebook and many others. Your business can become very big, even one of the biggest businesses in Nigeria.


If you think you need so much money to start business? Let me take you through 10 fantastic businesses you can start with just 50,000 Naira in Nigeria.

  1. Baking Business.

Baking is a fast growing business in Nigeria. Pastries and cakes are things Nigerians cannot get enough of. Every party from birthdays, graduations weddings needs cakes and small chops. You can start this baking business from your kitchen. You can start making little cup cakes and small chop and sell to earn income. To gain visibility with your business, you can promote your baking business on social media and people will begin to place order then, you start making big money for yourself.


  1. Plantain chips business.

This is a very big business you can do in Nigeria. Plantain chips are popular snacks in Nigeria. You can make them and brand them with your name and supply to supermarkets, shop and begin to earn income.


  1. Fast Food Business.

You can use good cooking skills to make good money because; the importance of food can never be overemphasized. If you have the requirements such as space, cooking utensils and food stuffs. Start by looking for a strategic place and start making food like noodles and chicken, fried plantain etc. If you make good food, people will start requesting you cook and deliver to them in their homes. You could start getting cooking request for events. You can use social media to market your cooking business and upload picture of your food.


  1. Selling water and drink.

All you need for this business is a stand, some ice block, cooler and drinks. This is another lucrative business because, it is highly consumable goods.


  1. Small Scale Farming.


You can start this business from your backyard and begin farming on a small scale. This is a business than can grow and become lucrative. You can grow pepper, pumpkin; you can also start growing chicken and cat fish with small amount of money.


  1. Smoked Fish Business.

You can roast and sell smoke fish in various markets in your location and Nigeria at large. This is a very lucrative business people are using to make as low as 4, 000 to 5,000 naira interest daily.


  1. Production of soap.

Liquid soap for washing and bathing is a lucrative business in Nigeria. You can start soap making business and brand it with your name and sell. This is a kind of business you can promote on social media and people will order from you.


  1. Fashion Designing/Tailoring.


This is a lucrative business that can never die in the world and it is very profitable. People must always wear cloths. Some celebrities don't wear one cloth two times for occasions. All you need to start this business is sewing machine and your shop and advertisement. Believe me, if you know what you are doing, a lot of people will be begging you to sew for them. You can also advertise on social media.


  1. Barbing Salon.


If you don't have a place, you can stay at your house or you can also offer home service. This is a very good business that can bring income. What you require is the basic tools like comb, brushes, scissors, clipper etc and to advertise yourself to people and social media.


  1. Dry Cleaning Business.

Washing machine cost at least N25, 000. This is another lucrative business you can start to bring income. You can go and learn how to make detergent so that you can make detergent yourself. Other things you need are ironing board/table and iron etc. You can start offering this service from your home.


These are the 10 fantastic businesses you can start with 50,000 Naira. Make sure you take advantage of social media to advertise your business. Starting a new business is usually hard at the beginning but, with hard work and patience, your business will strive provided you are offering good services. One of these businesses is better than not having anything doing.





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