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s Mandilas celebrates its 70th anniversary and the acquisition of the sole franchised dealership of Carrier Transicold Refrigeration, Mr. Pal Singh, General Manager, Cooling Division Mandilas, in this interview with Jill Okeke speaks on the prospects and challenges of Nigeria’s emerging cold chain industry. Excerpts:


Can you explain what Carrier Transicold is all about?

In Carrier Transicold, Mandilas will be providing land and sea transportation of temperature-controlled goods with a complete line of equipment and services for refrigerated transport and cold chain visibility. This involves sales and aftersales service including installation, repairs and maintenance of transport refrigeration units, insulated containers, cold stores, and automotive air conditioning systems. For more than 45 years, Carrier Transicold has been an industry leader, providing customers around the world with advanced, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems.

What motivated Mandilas to acquire the sole franchise dealership of Carrier Transicold refrigeration in Nigeria?

The new collaboration solidifies the Mandilas-Carrier partnership and opens the brand to new market opportunities. Presently, Nigeria is promoting in-country production of agricultural and all other food related products and this is a huge boost for the commercial refrigeration industry. An effective cold chain network would aid reduction in Post-Harvest Loss (PHL) and raise the standard of health care delivery in the transportation, distribution, and storage of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria.

Demographic dynamics, growth in e-commerce and accelerating urbanization in the country is also increasing demand for cold chain technology.  This is the right time to support the market in transporting agricultural produce, medicine, food products, from one part of the country to another efficiently.

Can you please tell us the value of the market?

Market forecast posits that the global cold chain market is estimated to be valued at USD 218.0 billion in 2020 and is expected to exceed USD 500 billion by 2026. The market in Nigeria is big yet untapped considering the population and vast opportunities available in the cold chain industry. With adequate support and collaboration, the potential for growth is enormous.

Transport refrigeration appears to be a young market in Nigeria, what is your assessment?

Transport refrigeration is an important aspect of cold chain logistics. Presently, Nigeria has less than 1% of the world’s cold storage and mobile refrigerated logistics capacity. The market is huge with great potential for growth, and if properly tapped the industry will benefit the economy and improve the life and living of Nigerians.


How much would you say Nigeria can save annually by avoiding spoilage of goods through transportation of the refrigerated products?

It is estimated at $9billion annually.

What is the quantity of agricultural produce Nigeria loses annually?

Nigeria loses an estimated 15million metric tons of perishable farm produce annually.

You mentioned agribusiness, medicine, which other sectors of the economy do you service?

These are fast foods, dairy products, fish market, supermarkets and any business that requires cold chain logistics in day to day operations.

Given the precarious states of road network, how would you cope as a business?

Carrier Transicold equipment is designed to offer optimal cooling performance irrespective of infrastructural challenges. Refrigerated products are normally stored in the insulated cabin installed on transport vehicles. The refrigeration cabins can work on the go with vehicle power and off the road with plugin electricity. With Carrier Transicold, food items can be stored at a maintained temperature without compromising the integrity of transported items. Our after-sales support service and qualified service engineers are also available wherever required throughout the nation

Besides, there are two types of machines they can be powered with vehicle power or standard electricity. Large equipment’s are powered by the inbuilt engine in each Transicold unit. Units are normally plug and play and thus, very easy to operate. We can install the Transicold Carrier equipment on customers’ vehicles/trucks or lease our cooling vans to individuals and companies. When we lease, our vehicles are insured, and we provide the drivers throughout the period of the lease. We operate pan Nigeria.

Do you offer after sales service?

Service excellence remains a formidable differentiator for the Mandilas brand. We have been able to sustain strong brand equity over the years, which can be traced to our history of excellent after sales and service delivery. We have presence in almost all the geo-political zones in the country with over 200 qualified service engineers to attend to varied customer needs.

We have a standard warranty policy from Carrier which is 12 months from date of installation or 18 months from date of shipment of the equipment from the factory. We also have a very strong quality check policy at the factory level to avoid equipment failure either during warranty or post warranty. In addition, our Carrier Transicold equipment can be controlled remotely. Either in motion or when static, we can easily detect problems and nip them early.

We always recommend doing preventive maintenance when due, to ensure equipment longevity and offer annual maintenance contracts everywhere in Nigeria with on-premises personnel of qualified engineers.

Mandilas has remained a top industry leader for over 70 years, how have you managed this?

Mandilas is 100% Nigerian and we are committed to improving the quality of life and living of all Nigerians. We offer quality products; we have experience and we understand the terrain. We are continuously evolving to meet market demands.

So, what stands you out in this business?

The ruggedness, durability and innovation of Carrier products are renowned, and the brand is still a market leader globally.  Transicold refrigeration systems are affordable, durable, efficient with optimal performance customised to meet individual customer needs. We will equally provide full support to all our customers, from technical assistance in selection of fit for purpose solution, to supply, installation, and maintenance with genuine spare parts. Our customers will benefit from the global systems standard of Carrier and the depth of knowledge and expertise built by carrier for close to two centuries.

Can you quantify the contribution of Mandilas to Nigerian’s economy in its 70 years of operating here?

There is a lot, specifically on manpower development. Today many of the consultants and technicians operating in air-conditioning business in Nigeria have worked and sharpened their engineering skills in Mandilas. We pay our taxes, contribute to employment opportunities and other initiatives to keep the economy alive.

How many types of Transicold do you have?

We have two Transicold transport refrigeration solutions for land and sea.

Like you pointed out earlier, the market is a big one and has not been adequately captured resulting in wastages annually. How can we solve this problem?

Though the key features of an efficient cold chain are largely the same globally, the growth strategies and roadmap towards creating a thriving cold chain sector should be adapted for the Nigerian market. The government, regulatory bodies, private sector, investment community, financial institutions all have a huge role to play in improving and growing the sector.

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